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We’ve got you covered. One of the biggest advantages of living in Martinsville-Henry County is that the great-things-to-do list keeps on growing. Discover art to enlighten. Exhibits to take in. Trails to explore. Thriving local theatre. Concerts to enjoy. And the food—a variety of cuisines to savor, including everything from national chains to local favorites. 

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Recreational opportunities abound in Martinsville-Henry County. Whether it’s the thrill of catching a record-setting trout in the Smith River or the tranquility of hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, here you’re sure to find something that’s just your speed.  Discover ways to play.


Around here, racing at all levels is a popular pastime in Martinsville-Henry County. But if you don’t have the need for speed, maybe you’d enjoy a whole other type of driving, like golf. There’s also plenty of other activities with a variety of paces, including canoeing, spectator sports such as baseball, soccer, lacrosse and more. Find your sport.


Home to a Smithsonian-affiliated natural history museum, community and college theatres, a first-class art museum and an emerging artisan center, Martinsville-Henry County offers an array of artistic and cultural experiences to enlighten and entertain. Explore the Arts.

Food and Drink

If you’re hungry, you live in the right place. From local favorites to national chains, you’ll find everything here from Mexican and Italian to Chinese and Japanese. Plus, Henry County is home to the famed Checkered Pig (a must-try), whose barbeque has been featured on the Food Network. Eat here.

Celebrating a special occasion? Getting together with friends after work? Entertaining out-of-town guests? The area is home to some great breweries and celebrated wineries serving a range of libations. Drink and be merry.

Get Involved

One of the best ways to get to know Martinsville-Henry County (or get reacquainted, for that matter) is to get involved. Whether it’s becoming an Ambassador for the area’s Visitor Center or taking advantage of one of the many volunteer opportunities, it’s a great way to meet new people as you give back to your community. For a listing of ways to get involved, click here.

Retirement Resources

King’s Grant gives the opportunity to become a part of one of Henry County’s largest families. They can help you enjoy a lifestyle full of new and exciting opportunities.

As a Life Plan Community, King’s Grant residents enjoy active and independent lifestyles, knowing that access to other levels of care is available should the need arise. This means you continue to be a part of the community you’ve grown to love.

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